Midnight in Akron
"Midnight in Akron" - Market Street in the snow late one evening. Reflections XV
The Everett Road covered Bridge reflected in Furnace Run. I flipped the image vertically.


A log bridge we built at Szalay's Farm in the frosty morning. Laura
A portrait of Laura next to a Canal Era culvert off of Riverview Road.


What Was In My Bag Today?
I've made this whole 'Year in Review' of only my digital photos - but since last year was such an important one for my analog photography I used this shot of my analog bag from March to represent it. Colours VII
"The Rock House" at Hocking Hills State Park - it was hard to choose just one photo from this great trip last March.


Bluebells are Ringing
The beautiful bluebells came to the Cuyahoga Valley early this year. The shot was along Furnace Run past Everett.
John Planting II
John Szalay planting sweet corn - I helped out a lot with the early season work this year at the farm.


Chief Roytaynah, or "the Fairlawn Indian" as us locals call him, in late day, Spring Sun. Ranchero's Taqueria
Cinco de Mayo at Ranchero's!


Young Corn
Young corn in the Feidler Long Rows at Szalay's Farm. Climbers
The climbing roses on my house.


Dave Picking
Dave handpicking the first load of corn for the year at Szalay's Farm. Drought
Overall Szalay's handled the drought better than many farms due to its location in the Valley - above is some sweet corn that didn't fare to well though.


Morning Glory IV
A golden morning at Szalay's in Harold's Field. Wildflower Study #1
Possibly my favorite photo of the year - wild daisies in Harold's Field.


Inside the Red Barn
A long exposure inside the 1840's Red Barn at Szalay's. Steam Engine
Timing is everything - I ran from packing corn to snap this shot - my most popular ever!


The Jack-O-Lanterns my family carved. Corn and Color
Frost, burnt, sweet corn in front of the colorful, fall, valley wall.


Taste testing at Market Garden Brewery on out annual Thanksgiving Weekend trip to Cleveland. Just Walking
A self-portrait - walking down the tracks.


Christmas Lights
Christmas Light bokeh!
  Garage Study #9
Abandoned garage in the Cuyahoga Valley after the first snowfall.

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